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  Welcome to Minecraft Trouble in Terrorist Town! (How to Play?)

We are the Official Minecraft Trouble in Terrorist Town Server (MineTTT)To begin, 
simply connect to one of the ip's listed as #.MINETTT.COM please register in our 
forums and most importantly, have fun!

UPDATE: MineTTT coming back real soon. If things go as planned should be ready by next week.

We had to bring the servers down for a WHILE as we are rewriting the system and migrating MineTTT to the same platform that runs SuperCraftBrothers and the upcoming MCQuake! We appreciate your patience and we recommend you guys check out those other games while we work on MineTTT!

Have Fun!
Phytan Hey guys! This is peps, I changed my account's name, if anyone remembers me, add me here... I am planning something...
Phytan It literally hurts to read the first comments on this.... ;-;
Mr_Begovic When is it back? (the server)

Finally Updates!

troubleintown a posted Dec 22, 12
Hey LC!

We have finally continued to support MineTTT fully and updated it for 1.4.6, the servers are very smooth and the few bugs that we had are mostly gone, please thank our new developer Tzeentchful for being awesome and working non stop on the MineTTT systems. 

More additions will be made such as more items in the shops and more items being available in the chests as well as auto joining users to a game under the condition that there are enough people in the server for the game to begin.

We thank you for hanging around with us and we will keep working hard to deliver the well known content people love Minecade for. We also wish you and your families the best of times during this holiday season!

Have Fun!
oreoboy1123 its been a year and two months when will it be back?
oreoboy1123 When will the server be back up
I_like_chatot Would you be my meat bicycle, Matdog222?


troubleintown a posted Nov 25, 12

Hey LC! 

MineCon has been TONS of fun and we have met a ton of cool people, even got to hang out with the Mojang team for a few hours and get to know them! We had the biggest and most complete booth in the community Here are some images we took!

Just arriving at the expo floor, starting to unpack some of the stuff.

Getting ready for the trucks and bringing in some of the artwork.

Starting to bring the monitors and PC's to the booth with SteelSeries

Started to unpack stuffs and build the booth!

... Still bringing in more stuff :D

Helping Mojang build something!

Most of the stuff setup nearly ready for opening time!
I_like_chatot Boobly schnookums
Lennart_vs Me too
Crankeedoo Looks awesome. Wish I went there...
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